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We are a factory direct importer & a B2B wholesaler of silk flowers & greeneries. Our warehouse stocks all year-round poly silk flowering bushes which consist of varieties of closed and open roses, lilies, lilacs, mums, and many more items will be added in all price ranges. In the Fall, we will have new designed floral and foliage garlands and bushes in orange, yellow/orange, rust, flame, and plum added to the inventory. Both Fall and Christmas are available in the better and special value flowers. Products are ready for shipping as early as mid Summer.  Also, Christmas flowers such as Poinsettias and berries mainly in red, white, metallic gold and silver colors will also be available in the Fall. It will be available in holiday bushes, candle rings, and more. In addition, velvet red roses are very popular during this season and the next.  

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