Case &  Bulk Quantity Savings   

Our business is heavily depending on volume sales and transactions. It gives us the edge on the buying power from our manufacturers which translates lower wholesale price to you in a competitive market. If any particular items and colors you can use in bulk, please consider contacting us for a special pre order and the delivery will be about 4-5 months. The benefits are, we will offer you some additional discounts mainly because we don't warehouse (no cost to us in storing) it and we'll get better manufacturers’ volume pricing. Another advantages are you have the control of your inventory when your customers need it and the written F.O.B. price on order will be fixed despite ever-increased ours and manufacturers' costs. In addition, the flowers will stay fresh for many months as long as it remains in the boxes.

If you can’t wait and need it immediately, we encourage our wholesalers to pick up a solid case saving instead of several inner boxes especially if the quantities are near case pack. 

Packaging Notation:  inner box / master case (case pack)  ex. 12/48





United Silk Corporation