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 Item: UB702
 Desc.: 22" Rubrum Lily Bush x 7
 Pack: 12 pcs./min., 36 pcs./case  "Meticulously packed to maintain the Lilies' blooms"
 UPC: 889999702009
 Color: yellow, white, pink, cream, purple, ruby, hot pink   
 NEW ADDITIONS: burgundy, purple, orange, seafoam
 Please check availabilities before ordering.

 Fully Assembled or No Knock-off Lily

 Flower: Rubrum 3.5"x 6" (7)
 Flower: Gyps & small flowers *

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<< yellow (Yl) white (Wt) pink (Pk)
Complete Item Info      
burgundy (Bg) purple (Pu) orange (Or)

seafoam  (Sf)


cream (Cm) lavender (Lv) ruby (Rb)

hot pink  (Hpk)

 * Future shipments may not have it.

   Available in the swag




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