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       Frequently Asked Questions

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bulletHow to order?

It's simple and quick. Please fill & submit your information on new account & service form so we can contact & walk you through the process.  Please use our convenient ordering form or e-ordering (login required) to order . A simple click to order with a secure PayPal payment is available on some categories as we're continuing to add more.

bulletWhere is the price?  

The wholesale industry practice is that the wholesale unit costs are kept confidential from the public. Primarily reason is to protect the wholesalers. Please go to contact us to register so we can send you the password to login for pricelist, availability, and more.     

bulletDo you need a copy of business tax certificate?     

Yes, we are required to have a copy on file through fax, email, or regular mail.

bulletWhat is the shipping time, rate, and company?  

It depends on where you are but normally transit time is 5-8 bus. days. Order ships within a week on in stock items. We'll give you the invoice before shipping, and small shipment goes via FedEx otherwise our low cost selected trucking line for your area. See our shipping info...

bulletHow to use My FloralPad?

Use the pad to save, copy, or paste snippets of item, description, colors, etc. for quick reuse later. The contents are saved perpetually until deleted by you. Be advised to save your contents before closing or existing the pages. Whenever you wish to recall the notepad again anywhere on the details product pages, you can simply click to launch it again. Please note to log in to compare and finalize your note to the pricelist & inventory pages.

bulletWhat is an exterior flower?  

See exterior flowers...

bullet Is the price better on a case or bulk quantity?         

See special offer...


How the website is structured?

The website is composed of five mains navigating link bars (home, about us, news, products, contact us) and below it were either links or subcategories. The chart of the table of contents or site maps will show the detail layouts of each links and subcategory belong to on the main navigation. On the product page, you will find the sub category links for easy access in and out of the detail product pages.


What is this  black and white square box you see on the flyers?

It is called a Q R Code (it stands for "Quick Response") and is a mobile phone readable barcode. Download Q R code App to scan.








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