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 Item: UB101 formerly "UB101A    ALL-TIME BEST SELLING
 Desc.: 14" Rosebud x 6 w/white Gypsophila
 Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48 doz./case 
 UPC: 889999111016
 Color:  Due to high demands please check availabilities before ordering.  See New Colors

 The colors come in Solid or Two Tones (tt).  No dew drops.

"Our best value rosebuds and quality. Great for all projects, seasons, and type of businesses from retail florists to general wholesalers"             
 Flower: Rose 1.25"x 1.5" (6)
 Flower: Gyp Fillers (ex. gold, silver, red/white/blue)

 Below pictures are color swatches only. Actual items may vary.

 My FloralPad

red (Rd) brown (Bn) met. gold (Go) met. silver (Sl) wine (Wn) light blue (Lbl)
red/white/blue (USA) cream (Cm) aqua (Aq) blue-tt (Bl) turquoise (Tq) peach-tt (Ph2)
fuchsia (Fs) yellow/gold (Ylo) light yellow (Lyl) flame-tt (Fl) rust-tt (Ru) orange (Or)
pink (Pk) black (Bk) navy (Nbl) royal (Rbl) lavender (Lv) purple (Pu)
white (Wt) seafoam Sf) burgundy (Bg) beige (Be) mauve (Mv) hot pink (Hpk)







coral-tt (Co) eggplant (Eg) peach (Ph) yellow lemon (Yl) teal (Tl) dark purple (Dpu)
Your Colors?
Do you have any particular color (s) you
would like us to make for this item?
Please let us know or view Special Colors
light pink (Lpk) blush (Bh)        
Please Note:
Metallic flower has a glossy finish.


Check out NEW value foliage.



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