We offer two options of Shipping Ways below.
If the order is 8 or less master cartons, we can ship via FedEx ground. The multi-weigh rate discounts will apply on qualified shipments. If the timing is crucial to get the order there, then this is the better way to ship. Tracking information will be available upon request. Go to .   
If there are 8 or more master cartons, we suggest ship via our logistic truck lines.
It's going to be a palletized order and it will arrive as one piece shipment. This is the BEST AND CHEAPEST WAY for bulk shipping. We can put about 10-14 master cartons on a pallet depending on the items.  Tracking information will be available upon request. Call us or send us email for scheduling a delivery if needed.
We can also ship the order freight collect truck line preferred by consigner's shipping department.


Below charts are Estimated Transit Time.

FedEx ground



LOGISTIC Truck lines

  Western Central Eastern  
8-10 days 5-7 days 2-4 days



Statements from Receiving & Shipping Department

The shipping rate charts are not available because every shipment is different. For a freight charge to be fair and accurately bills to a receiver, we would like to rate each shipment accordingly. Our rates are low comparable to any brand trucking companies. We received many compliments for having very reasonable freight charges on the truck lines.  

You can rest assured that we put in so much effort to save and maximize every shipment we send out. Shipping costs are expensive and can eat away profit margins if it's left unchecked. So it's crucial that we and the manufacturers meticulously pack each box to eliminate unnecessary and unused spaces and to help save our inbound and outbound freight costs.  

If you would like to check the estimated rates to your areas, please contact our shipping dept. We'll be glad to give you our rates to compare.


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