floralByte derived its name from fusing of traditional flowers with a digital technology (one byte unit is equal to eight bits.) Custom-built Web Promotional Applications at All Levels.

The ideas and objectives of this application are to as follow:

gain popularity and improve search engine to the existing website.

introduce the company products through imaginary app.

make it interactive, easy-to-use, safe and fun for all age groups.

allow users to create and share their creativity to families and friends.

get more for less comparable to expensive ads.

There's so much more and the scope of how effectiveness is immeasurable over time.

United Silk Corporation
1301 W. Elizabeth Ave., Bldg. F
Linden, New Jersey 07036
For all inquiries, please send email to floralbyte.info@unitedsilk.com

Hope you enjoy it as much as us designing it!